Round 2 Poll: Nevada CD2 Special Election – Poll still open

May 9, 2011

NOTE: For a more complete description of what is happening on this race, scroll down to the post with Dean Heller’s photo.

Round 2 poll is up. Krolicki had garnered enough clicks to put him in 2nd place, but since it’s now clear he will not run, we wanted to know who would get his 20% or so of the vote. This new poll has been up since Saturday.

Results so far on Round 2:

Kirk Lippold in 1st Place with about 30%
Sharron Angle in 2nd Place with about 25%
Mark Amodei/Danny Tarkanian tied for 3rd with about 14%. Tark’s not even running.

Take the Round 2 Poll here:


ROUND 1 – Last week’s online poll results:
Sharron Angle – 28%
Kirk Lippold 20%
Brian Krolicki – 18%
Mark Amodei – 11%
Danny Tarkanian – 8%
No other candidate garnered even 5 total VOTES.

Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki made it clear this week he will not seek this seat in the special election. Publicly announced candidates so far: Mark Amodei, Sharron Angle, Greg Brower, Kirk Lippold.

Nevada Constitution and/or law give the Governor the job of appointing a replacement for U.S. Senate vacancy, but require a special election to fill a vacancy in U.S. Congress. The Governor must decide when the election takes place, and it must be within a specified time period (180 days, I believe). The Secretary of State is responsible for specifying the rules surrounding the special election. Dean Heller was appointed. Now there is a vacancy. Gov. decided on election date. Secretary of State interpreted the arguably vague law about special elections and announced the rules. That’s the framework we have to work within.

There are at least 2 ideas circulating to solve the issue of too many GOP candidates on the ballot. First, the Nevada Republican Party has apparently filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Ross Miller due to his decision to allow all qualified candidates onto the ballot. The law is clear that there is no primary election allowed. But some in the party believe that tradition, and a less-clear portion of the law give parties the right to choose the candidate in this special election. No indication when there will be a resolution of the lawsuit.

The second idea circulating is that the Republican Party may have sort of a “private’ primary election, or a non-binding candidate preference straw poll before the May 25 filing deadline. Registered Republican voters would show up in their respective county on a specific date to take the straw poll. After the tally, the hope is that all GOP contenders would abide by the straw poll results and only the 1st place winner would officially file for election. Then only 1 GOP name will appear on the ballot. It’s as yet unclear if this is likely, legal or agreed-upon by party leaders or potential candidates.

Secretary of State Ross Miller announced Monday that all qualified candidates may enter the race and be placed on the ballot in the Special Election for September 13. Candidates must file with Secretary of State by May 25. So far, only Dem and GOP canidates have been mentioned publicly. (If you know of someone who will run from a minor party, please email us.)

This poll is to gauge tea party support for the open field of candidates *prior* to the filing deadline.



Express your opinion and it just might help us gauge who to support.
To take ROUND 2 of the online survey, please click here:

We’ll email the results.

Thank you for your time and your commitment to Nevada and our country.



Nevada’s CD2 Special Election – Round 1 of the Online Poll

May 9, 2011

The online survey we sent out a few days ago gave us some good insight into this September 13th election. The poll just closed today, and the results were:  (FOR MORE BACKGROUND, READ THE POST BELOW THIS ONE)

28% for Sharron Angle

20% for Kirk Lippold

18% for Brian Krolicki (who has since made it clear he will not run)

11% for Mark Amodei

8% for Danny Tarkanian (who has not made any public indication he is considering a run)

No other candidate picked up even 5 total votes.

Reasons for choosing the candidate ranked:
Demonstrated Commitment to Tea Party Values 44%
Ability to Win 39%
Similarity of philosophy to Dean Heller 36%
25% Name Recognition
24% Statewide Appeal to Nevada Voters
23% Fresh Ideas
22% Political Experience
20% Voting Record
20% Status as an Outsider


87% of respondents are registered to vote in CD2
87% self-identify as a tea partier. Of those, 44% have already donated time/money to a candidate committed to tea party values.
55% intend to volunteer for a candidate running in the special election

13% say they’re up for an extra election

23% say this special election is a huge mistake.

58% say you just gotta do whatcha gotta do

42% think some candidates should drop out to narrow their field, whether it’s voluntarily or because the party decides to get involved and endorse pre-election.

31% say they’d like a runoff election option. Sadly, that is not provided for in our laws, nor by the rules set up by our Secretary of State. It’s winner-take-all. Get 1 vote more than your opponents and you’re in.

18% say they don’t really care if there are “too many” candidates on the ballot

What to do about NVCD2 Ballot Royale

May 5, 2011
Dean Heller

Image via Wikipedia

What Are The Chances That Nevada Republicans Won’t Be Stupid? | RedState
Read the article here:
With the resignation of John Ensign from U.S. Senate effective May 3, and the Governor’s appointment of Dean Heller to that seat, there is now a special election required to fill the seat in U.S. Congress, District 2. Yes, it’s a special election, just when you thought you might get a whole year off from excess politics and campaigning. Alas, a citizen’s work is never done.

Find RGJ article here:
News 8 report here:

So, the filing deadline is May 25 for the special election on September 13. There is NO PRIMARY ALLOWED, NO FILING FEE, and there are no restrictions (outside those in the Nevada constitution) to be on the ballot. Apparently you don’t even have to actually RESIDE IN THE DISTRICT to run. ?! There is also no provision for any type of “run-off” so this will be winner-takes-all by whomever gets at least 1 more vote than their opponents. yikes.

Details of the timeline from Nevada News Bureau here:
Jon Ralston’s “A very, very, special special election” commentary is here:
Ross Miller says more people on the ballot would be more fair. This sounds great. And horrible. There are already threats of legal action against the SoS declared procedure, and the parties argue either that the expanded ballot access is very fair and ultra-democratic, or that the free-for-all will attract so many different candidates that no one will be able to get a reasonable majority. CD2 has always been held by Republicans, but if the Democrats choose only 1 candidate and the Republicans field a dozen, the majority of voters could vote for a republican, and a Democrat could still win the seat handily.Be reminded that Nevada Secretary of StateRoss Miller requested AB81 and AB82 this session, the bills that increase regular election filing fees from $300 to $2000 to weed out the unserious candidates…and require every group of voters (2 or more) who pool together $100 or more to spread the word about a good or bad candidate or ballot question, to be subject to the same legal reporting requirements and financial restrictions as a full-fledged PAC. I can certainly see why party people, specifically from the GOP, would be objecting. It does smell a little funny.

So, some party officials prefer the interpretation of our state constitution that would allow their executive committee or central committee to nominate one candidate from each party to run. After all, the party bosses are most familiar with the political landscape and can put their heads together to strategize, and choose the strongest candidate. There’s a very slim margin of majority for each party in the Senate and the House (2 different parties) so there’s not much room for gambling on a special election.

But some voters disagree. Maybe they don’t know the party bosses well enough to trust them to make a good choice of a nominee. Maybe they just want to feel like they had their say. Maybe they’re tired of the choices they’ve been handed so far. In this age of voters feeling like the officials ignore them, and the parties don’t reflect their priorities, it doesn’t surprise me that some won’t sit still and wait for the power structure to choose a candidate they can support.

In a personal aside, be advised: Not a week goes by that some well-meaning political player doesn’t hint to me that we tea party types ought to just sit down, zip it and let the big boys play the important political games. Some really do respect you. But sometimes there are outright accusations and insults. Most of the time there’s just condescension or “who do you silly people think you are” tones and words. Well, they just don’t understand why the tea party exists. Still. They don’t respect the power of the people or the voice of the people. The all-inclusive foundation and personal responsibility and power of the tea party movement is, regrettably, still lost on many very important political figures. It’s contrary to the current political structure that favors an elite ruling class, either in office or in party leadership. They just don’t get it. I hope they figure it out soon. We could sure use the support to restore our country.

Now, I’m not complaining. I’m informing. Anybody who thinks their silliness about our activity will stop us just doesn’t know me very well, and surely doesn’t know YOU, either. They don’t realize that they are up against the majority of hard-working, good-hearted, committed voters in our state and country – people like you. People who are tired of being told to take a back seat to the power brokers and just do what they’re told. You’re the voters, the taxpayers and the people who have the power!

Just know that you’re having such an impact on the crusty old power structure that we can’t even conduct a little straw poll online without stirring up a hornet’s nest. You’re succeeding. Don’t quit now. Let’s keep learning, stay engaged, be smart and never, ever sacrifice our values just to say we won.

If you’d like to have your say about who should win this CD2 seat, please click here and take the straw poll:

We’ll publish the results online before the filing deadline.
Thank you for your time and for taking your civic duty so seriously.


Don’t forget the Presidential Debate watch party tonight in Reno

5/5 at 5:30 p.m.
Round Table Pizza
801 W. 4th Street

Presidential Debate Watch Party this Thursday

May 3, 2011
Herman Cain

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Reno Tea Party and Nevada 912 Americans will gather to watch the First-in-the-south GOP Presidential primary debate in 2 days!

It includes Roemer, Santorum, Pawlenty, Paul and now Cain. Herman Cain is former CEO of Godfathers Pizza, former Kansas City fed guy, and a radio host. If you’re nearby, join us at the debate watch party Thursday 5/5 5:30pm at Round Table, 801 W. 4th Street, Reno NV

Take the pre-debate, early tea party straw poll here

RSVP here:  Nevada 912 Americans on Facebook!/event.php?eid=124068947665425&index=1  Nevada Liberty and Reno Tea Party on Facebook

Facts on 2011 Nevada Special Election (From

April 27, 2011

Dear Patriot,
With the resignation of disgraced Sen. John Ensign, we’ve had a lot of informational questions from our supporters. Things are much more complicated during a special election, so we thought we’d give you some history as well as an update on where things stand now.

Why did Ensign resign?

In short, Sen. Ensign resigned because of an ethics investigation. He had an affair with one of his staffers – who also was married to another one of his staffers. It later came out that his parents gave the woman a $96,000 “gift,” which any reasonable person would call “hush money.” And furthermore, Ensign got the woman’s husband a job as a lobbyist, despite laws against congressional staffers accepting lobbying jobs within one year of leaving their job. When the Senate Ethics Committee announced it would launch a full-scale investigation into the matter, Ensign announced his retirement, effective May 3.
How will his replacement be decided?

Like many states, Nevada’s governor appoints someone to fill any vacant Senate seats. There was already a shuffle to run to replace him, with popular Republican Rep. Dean Heller to likely square off against the popular liberal Democrat Rep. Shelley Berkley. Republican Governor Brian Sandoval has said he will appoint a Conservative who is ready to start work on May 3, and almost everyone in the state expects him to appoint Heller. This is a smart move, because it gives Conservatives the best chance to hold onto the seat in 2012. There will not be a special election for the Senate seat.
What happens to Heller’s Congressional seat?

This is where things get complicated. If Heller is appointed Senator, this vacancy must be filled by a special election. The Governor has 7 days to call an election to take place within 180 days, and there is no provision in the law that allows for a primary election.

The Secretary of State has a choice to make. One option is for there to be a free-for-all election where anyone can run and whoever gets the most votes, even if it’s only 25% or less of the total votes cast, wins the seat. This is a dangerous proposition. This is a conservative-leaning district, and if 4 or more Republicans decide to run, the danger is that Democrats limit their field to just 1 candidate. That candidate could win the seat with a vast majority of votes going against them!
The other option is to allow central committees of the state parties to select a nominee for the seat. Undoubtedly, the Nevada GOP would select one good Conservative candidate to run, giving us the strongest opportunity to maintain Conservative control of the seat. This ensures that there is no split of the Conservative vote.

is Western Representation PAC doing about the race?
This is the Congressional district I was born in, that I was raised in, and that my kids were born in. It’s also the district that my dad and I founded Western Representation PAC in. We refuse to allow our representative to Congress to be replaced with a liberal voice. We are laying the infrastructure for a ground campaign that will ensure a Conservative is elected to that seat, regardless of what the Secretary of State decides. We promise to keep you informed of what’s going on here, and to do whatever it takes to keep the Democrats from taking control of this seat.

In order to run our campaign, we do accept donations. As always, we are able to pool donations of all dollar amounts in order to make a big difference in races like this. Please consider making a donation of whatever you can afford.
Dustin Stockton
Chief Strategist and Co-Founder, Western Representation PAC

You can also mail your contributions to:

Western Representation PAC
PO Box 50655
Sparks, NV 89435

My How Things Have Changed…

April 7, 2011
President John F. Kennedy speaks at Rice Unive...

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Please read and pass on if you agree.

My, How Things Have Changed!
It seems like only yesterday when President John F. Kennedy , a Democrat, said “ Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country”.

Yet, it has been nearly 50 years since he spoke those inspiring words and, my, how things have changed! 
Just think how President Kennedy would feel if he knew that today the mantra of the Democrat Party seems to be…….’let’s see how much money you can get from the government’..…or……. ‘let government  take care of you’, or…… ‘why work, we’ll just send you the money’…….or…… ‘can’t afford a house, we’ll get one for you and you don’t even have to qualify for the loan’. 
Also, keep in mind that you don’t even need to be a legal citizen of our Country to avail yourselves of these benefits.  All illegal invaders are welcome to every  available benefit absolutely free!  Of course, they are really not free at all, the American taxpayers continue to pay for all the illegals’ benefits which amount to a whopping $11 BILLION dollars a year in the State of Caliifornia alone.

By the way, if you, the taxpaying American citizen,  don’t want a particular bill passed in Congress, that doesn’t matter, they will just ” deem it passed “ and continue to implement it even after the bill was declared unconstitutional.

What, we don’t have enough money to pay for all this?  We’ll just print more money or borrow more money from Red China.
Obama has spent more money in two years that all previous Presidents combined from George Washington through George W. Bush.  That covers a span of 232 years.  Got that?  Obama has spent more in two years than all other Presidents combined!
Wake up Americans before it’s too late!
Carol Byers
Susanville, California

Find us on Facebook Here:!/pages/Northern-California-Tea-Party-Coalition/132793686785863

Who do you tea partiers think you are, anyway?

April 6, 2011

What the tea party is, and is not

by Gia Gallegos

If you’ve been to more than one or two tea parties, you know that one of the duties that falls to tea partiers is taking interviews with the news. There are always reporters milling around tea parties. If you’re inclined, you can tell your views to videographers, photographers, newspaper, tv and radio – sometimes from a half-dozen different countries. We get plenty of opportunity to tell our side of the story. At least that’s how I like to look at it. When I’m asked for interviews, I look for as many different tea partiers to spread the responses and responsibilities around. But sometimes there’s only me.

Well, in a recent interview with a local outlet, I was asked a series of questions about the commonly-held misconceptions about tea partying and it sparked a thought. I know we’re constantly being run down, accused and even demonized by the extreme elements and the media. But maybe, just maybe, there are misconceptions about tea partying and tea partiers among our less rabid partisan opponents. So, while I have no delusions I can speak for the entire scope of millions of American voters across the country who find their voice by tea partying – a fact I state every chance I get when interacting with the media – I will attempt to clear up just a few of the ideas that might have you wondering. I invite your feedback, and if you are actually a tea partier, I invite your correction and input.

Question #1: Is the Tea Party a political party?

Answer: No. There is a general feeling among tea partiers that lack of an additional political party is certainly not the problem facing our country. There is occasionally talk about forming a minor party, but to my knowledge, the only tea party political parties established in a handful of states to this date have been “organized” by people who are unknown among the most active tea partiers in their states, and seem to be more closely aligned – even happily functioning alongside – the Democrat’s party structure. Suspicious. Odd. Especially since the majority of those at a tea party seem to be disaffected Republicans. (More on that later.)

Question #2: What is the tea party?

Answer: The new American Tea Party is a movement among voters, citizens and taxpayers in the country that centers around dissatisfaction with status-quo government and politics. In general, tea partiers are dissatisfied with the non-representing habits of their elected officials. They are dissatisfied with the direction our country is taking. They are dissatisfied with the options they’ve traditionally been offered for making changes in either representation or the direction of the country, specifically within the political party system. Tea partiers are republicans, democrats, independents, libertarians and non-partisan voters. Tea partiers are American citizens born and naturalized. As well, tea partiers are immigrants, many of whom left a country in which the government had even less intention of representing the will of the people.

The tea party is a political movement among typical voters and taxpapayers, who are taking a more active role in public policy than they ever have before.

Question #3: When and how did this whole thing start?

Answer: The first American tea party took place in December 1773. Many believe it was instrumental in igniting the American Revolution. Between then and now, many people have gathered on occasion to rally and protest. In recent years, more and more often there have been “tea party” type protests over this or that, and some candidates and political parties have staged protests at strategic times to bring attention to critical issues.

But the birth of this modern tea party movement has a specific date. Amid all the financial turmoil that became impossible to ignore any longer by 2008, rumblings began. Bailouts. Stimulus. Crises. Wall Street. Housing. The wheels were coming off the bus and it was looking like something serious. Then a new president took office. Within weeks it became clear that the financial policies some had been concerned about would not only continue, but accelerate.

After yet another announcement of government intervention in financial markets, CNBC reporter Rick Santelli stood on the floor of, I believe, the Chicago exchange and started expressing his frustration on live tv. It was February 19, 2009, and some describe it as Santelli going ballistic after hearing the latest news from the Obama administration on “bailouts” and nonsensical economic policy. Santelli made mention of mortgage bailouts. He suggested a new Chicago-style Boston tea party…and that was it. The fuse was lit on the next American revolution – a peaceful revolution of millions of mainstream Americans tired of being ruled by a political elite class. We took to the streets with our signs and our determination. Almost 2 years later, you can’t listen to extended commentary about politics anywhere in the U.S. without hearing “tea party” mentioned.

More questions you’d like to have answered? Add them to the comments section.